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Exterior Design
Water Features & Boulder Falls
Retaining walls

Do you need a waterfall, grotto and pool slide? Maybe not, but every project comes out better when you begin to plan your entire property with future ideas in mind. We specialize in designs that fit your needs and style by combining form and function.  We include site utilities, ensure proper drainage, foresee what your property will look like in future years, and create outdoor living spaces. Some aspects of design change as the project progresses, which is why having the designer on site every build day is a great benefit we offer. See what a functional work of art your property from half acre to 100 acres will become.

There is certain projects where natural boulders simply are not practical, or physically cant achieve the desired form, this is when we create them!  We can construct boulders or ledge out of concrete so realistic that an amusement park would be impressed! 


After much training by the best in the business, and becoming the only area licensed installer of ClifRock panel systems, we can create this water feature and have a feature serenading you in two days! 


This same product is the most advanced in creating outdoor kitchen sides and counter tops, and installs in a day.  It is something not offered by other local contractors, so call for a site visit and we can explain many possibilities.

Another innovative service offered is our concrete retaining walls.  They are built without forms to create a unique and individual result to fit the desired character.  

We put a proprietary hydroscopic ad mixture in a concrete truck and hand stack then carve your walls in one day.  Once cured they can be colored to add character.  

We currently act as a subcontractor to the local landscapers who want a wall built quicker, more aesthetically desirable and stronger then a standard block wall.  Best way to learn more is to call.  

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